Friday, August 1, 2008


Its mid-July, the All-Star break is over, and the heat is on. What will the second half of the season mean for the Dodgers and Angels, both at the head of their divisions, but for decidedly different reasons?

For each of the 100 Angels games this season, FSN WEST has either an original program dedicated to the Angels, or an episode of “Angels Live,” to enhance the fan viewing experience. This year fans have also had the chance to see Torii Hunter up close and personal in the two episodes of “Hangin’ with Mr. Hunter” which aired during “Angels Live.” The first half of the season, FSN WEST and PRIME TICKET gave fans a visual journey through John Garland’s career in “Before the Bigs” and a chance to hear the words of Justin Speier, Garret Anderson and Scot Sheilds as they told their story on “In My Own Words.” Additionally, Angels original shows debuting soon or in development include: “Before the Bigs: Howie Kendrick”, “In My Own Words: Frankie Rodriguez”, “In My Own Words: Torii Hunter”, “Angels Insider: Tony Reagins”, “Angels Insider: Angels Farm System” and “Angels Insider: Mike Scioscia”.

FSN PRIME TICKET has 43 Dodgers games to go after the All-Star break. In addition to 60 hours of “Dodgers Live” this season, FSN PRIME TICKET has over three hours of original programming dedicated to the Dodgers. From the island of Curacao fans traced the career of the newest Dodger in “Before the Bigs: Andruw Jones,” and journeyed from suburban Houston to Los Angeles in “Before the Bigs: James Loney.” Nomar Garciaparra got the chance to tell his story on “In My Own Words, “and Andre Ethier will outline his career path later this season in his episode of “Before the Bigs.”

In the second half of the season, as the tension rises, FSN WEST and PRIME TICKET will be there to document how these teams struggle to hang on to their dominant positions.

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